Poem originally written in Cantonese.
Translation by Lin Yutang, Chinese writer and translator.



So dim, so dark, So dense, so dull, So damp, so dank, So dead!
The weather, now warm, now cold, Makes it harder. Than ever to forget!
How can a few cups of thin wine/Bring warmth against. The chilly winds of sunset?
I recognize the geese flying overhead: My old friends, Bring not the old memories back!
Let fallen flowers lie where they fall. To what purpose. And for whom should 1 decorate?
By the window shut, Guarding it alone, To see the sky has turned so black!
And the drizzle on the kola nut. Keeps on droning: Pit-a-pat, pit-a-pat!
Is this the kind of mood and moment. To be expressed By one word “sad”?