Excerpt from “Lift Up the Banner of Your Heart.”


Lift up the banner of your heart boldly
and commit your very next step
to what you love most dearly.
Such a banner is for the greatness
of wildflowers kissing their way delicately
through glaciers, for the beauty
of the mountaintop from which your soul
undoubtedly has gazed.
The next step you take shall bring you home
if you but release your cares
and think instead that help has come,
as sure as the wind will fly the banner
that you have raised—
the quietness of a wind
in an unseen meadow that waves
the banner of who you are
with the whispered assurance that says:
I Am. Or the great, great wind
that fills ships sails announcing
your arrival to a throng of blue sky,
angelic presence’s hushed in appreciation.
Your arrival to the new world of a new day,
the blessed shore rushing up to greet you.