By Dorian Utt,
Patient at Akron Children’s Hospital


D Dude with his mohawk and orange mask,
green outfit and blue cape, has a hero’s voice.
Do you know his face can’t be revealed
to the villains, or they will catch him
and find where he lives?
D Dude uses his command remote
to drive his Dude mobile to the villains.
X Dude is trying to shrink D Dude’s muscles,
Mr. Smooth is making the ground slippery so he falls,
Mr. Crude is shouting, “you can’t walk, you’re never gonna walk.”
But D Dude wasn’t going to have any of that.
He uses his encouraging powers
to take their discouraging powers away
and that’s when they all turn back into regular kids:
Jimmy, John, and Joe.
And that’s when we learn never to be mean.
Now, with his super-mega powers,
he is ready to walk, just like his friend who made him.